Using Taxonomy Display to override the display format for a particular vocabulary

Sometimes it can be useful to override the standard taxonomy display for a particular vocabulary (even if you've customized the standard taxonomy display by enabling and editing the "Taxonomy term" view.

To do that, install and enable the Taxonomy Display module. Go to Structure > Taxonomy > [Pick a vocabulary] > Manage display and in the "Custom display settings" area, check the box next to "Taxonomy term page".

Enable term page

Aftery you hit save, the success message will give you a link where you can go to configure the settings, or you can click the new "Taxonomy term page" tab:

Term page enabled

Under "Associated content display", change the drop-down from "Core" to "View". Then, choose the view you want to use, along with the display of the view that you want to use (if you've created multiple different displays; otherwise, leaving it at "Master" is fine.)

Configure term page

Be sure to save when you're done!