Drupal for Humanists by Quinn Dombrowski is intended for scholars, librarians, museum and archive professionals, and others with a humanistic background who want to build robust digital projects using the open source content management system Drupal. Available now from Texas A&M Press, it is the first book in the new Coding for Humanists series, which provides an introduction to technologies applicable to digital humanities scholarship, without assuming the reader has prior technical background. 

Drupal for Humanists is based on Drupal 7, which is reaching end-of-life in 2021. It was written before Drupal 8 was released, but over three years later, Drupal 8 is still not a great platform for digital humanities. In the meantime, a group of developers has forked Drupal 7 and made significant usability improvements, with a user base of non-profits and small businesses in mind. The resulting software, Backdrop CMS, is shaping up to be a better successor to the Drupal described in Drupal for Humanists than Drupal 8 or 9.

In addition to supplementary material for Drupal for Humanists, this site includes -- in its entirety-- the rewritten Backdrop for Humanists, which is currently under development. If you have questions about whether Backdrop can work for your project in its current state, contact Quinn.