Simple taxonomy migration with Taxonomy CSV import/export

If you already use the Taxonomy Manager module, it’s simplest to use the export and import capabilities included with that module. If you don’t need Taxonomy Manager, Taxonomy CSV import/export provides just that piece of functionality.


Install and enable the module. After you've enabled it, a helpful message appears that shows you where to go to configure the module:

Importing from XML / TEI

Source data

This example uses the TEI-encoded “Wizard of Oz” musical libretto from the New York Public Library as its source data. As in many TEI documents, the encoding is not entirely consistent, and so Feeds Tamper will be used to try to clean up some of the data. While this example uses an XML file, the same general process could be used with an HTML file.

This example illustrates how to extract songs from the libretto and save each as its own node.

Importing from RSS feeds

Imagine building the website for a language center that is affiliated with multiple departments. Each department has its own news RSS feed that includes a mix of general announcements and event announcements. Different departments have different conventions for marking events. Some prefix event announcements with “Event”, some use “Events”, and some just mention the words “lecture” or “talk” in the title.