Data for the example site

Download and unzip the following files to get the data for the example site described in Drupal for Humanists:

Package contains two files:

  • DrupalforHumanists-events.csv
  • DrupalforHumanists-people.csv

The files contain the data to import into the Event and the Person content type, respectively. There are no “tricks” to the data -- it hasn’t been prepped or modified in any way other than what one might expect from a real digital humanities project. The only exception is in the events CSV file, when the “Person” column contains a person with no middle name, there are two spaces between the first and last name, to accommodate that side-effect of the automatic nodetitles configuration described for the Person content type in section 7.2.3.

Package contains jpg images (sourced from Wikipedia) for all the people in the DrupalforHumanists.csv file. Don’t rename these images, because for the import to align with the images in the filesystem, they need to have their current names.