Creating and managing workflows


There are multiple modules that you can use to configure workflows that are more complex than simply checking or unchecking the “Published” checkbox.

One of the major approaches involves using the Workflow module. You can find a page with extensive documentation here.

While Workflow provides the necessary infrastructure for workflows, as well as a simple user interface, the Workbench module provides a completely overhauled interface geared towards people who only have to manage content on a Drupal site (versus having other configuration responsibilities). An additional module, Workbench Moderation, enables the creation of arbitrary workflow states with Workbench. For most sites, Workbench is overkill, but if you have a number of people who are just adding and editing content on the site, and you want to pare down the complexity of Drupal’s interface for them, it may be valuable.

If you prefer to use more general-purpose modules, rather than installing something specifically for workflow management, here’s a tutorial on creating workflows using Rules.