Simple taxonomy migration with Taxonomy CSV import/export

If you already use the Taxonomy Manager module, it’s simplest to use the export and import capabilities included with that module. If you don’t need Taxonomy Manager, Taxonomy CSV import/export provides just that piece of functionality.


Install and enable the module. After you've enabled it, a helpful message appears that shows you where to go to configure the module:

Chapter 15. Exporting data and settings

  • 15.1 Overview
  • 15.2 Exporting data with Views Data Export
    • 15.2.1 Configuring a CSV data export display
    • 15.2.2 Configuring an XML data export display
    • 15.2.3 Output
  • 15.3 Exporting configuration using Features
    • 15.3.1 Building a feature module
    • 15.3.2 Saving a feature module
    • 15.3.3 Modules that extend Features
    • 15.3.4 Using Features
  • 15.4 Other means of exposing data: services, JSON, RDF
  • 15.5 Summary