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Editview is useful when you want to be able to quickly add or edit multiple nodes. It works best when you’re working with nodes that don’t have a huge number of fields, because each field you include adds to the width of the display, and it’s awkward to scroll horizontally.

Installing a module from Github

In general, you should only install modules from Stable module releases (i.e. those that don't have an "alpha" or "beta" appended to them) are monitored by the Drupal security team. For a module to be posted, it has to meet the Drupal coding standards. Neither of these is sufficient to guarantee that bad things won't happen when you install the module (including consequences potentially as bad as deleting things from your database), but that happens rarely.

Partial Date module

The Partial Date module has undergone significant improvements since Drupal for Humanists was written, and additional developments in the Drupal module ecosystem (e.g. the 7.x-3.x branch of Views TimelineJS) have made it even more useful.